The Era of Lone Wolves is Over.

Welcome to the business community of heart-centered entrepreneurs across Europe. We co-build our businesses, form life-long friendships & become better human beings.

Growing, building, sharing together

Sessions hosted
Local chapter dinners
1:1 Virtual coffees

What TribeX'ers are gaining

A deeply connective & business-elevating experience.

Tangible business insights & breakthroughs

Receive input on your biggest bottlenecks and get advice from entrepreneurs who have gone through the same. Thanks to frequent and ongoing support, your business and leadership accelerate without getting stuck or lost.

Personal growth

Thought-provoking discussions & expert sessions on mental well-being, team leadership, productivity, social impact, marketing and more. Keeping you sharp and informed on topics beyond the day-to-day business.

 True connections

 New business friends with whom you resonate on all levels. Meet through 1:1   Connection Calls, local dinners & our biannual weekend gatherings. Sharing wins,   challenges, and painful f*ck ups. Never feel alone again in your entrepreneurial journey.

"A feeling of coming home to like-minded people"

We are TribeX.


Entrepreneurship can be rewarding, yet it’s filled with challenges. That’s why having the right support is crucial.

But finding such a place can be tough. Many entrepreneurs navigate their journey alone or keep their struggles hidden.

They can’t always confide in investors, co-founders, team members, or even partners, who all have a stake.

While masterminds and business events offer connections, they often lack lasting impact.

That’s why we felt the need for a tribe of heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs like us.A place where genuine business camaraderie meets deep connections.

Imagine a community where you can be yourself, share your struggles, find inspiration, and grow personally.

In 2023, we brought that vision to life:

  • handpicked community of successful, internationally-oriented entrepreneurs.
  • Selected on character & kindness.
  • Everybody is into personal development and wants to drive (more) positive change
  • great mix of industries, male/female, from all over Europe and beyond

What Our Members Say

Some TribeX Stats 🔍 🕵🏼‍♀️

  • 65% live abroad
  • 18% have a scale-up
  • 47% have team members
  • 80% value freedom & lifestyle mostly
  • 90% travel frequently
  • 50% are into spirituality
  • 70% are into health optimization
  • 60% are solo founders
  • 42% have kids
  • 34 is the average age
  • 100% would like to meet you for a  (alcohol-free) beer!

Become a member

What would your entrepreneurship look like if you were heard, seen & connected?

About the facilitators

Rachelle Leerling & Lennart van der Ziel co-founded TribeX after seeing a need for entrepreneurs to get ongoing, lasting support in their business journeys.

Before this, they co-founded Growtribute, a coaching academy empowering entrepreneurs to get back in control of their business & life.

With a background in coaching and strategic support for startups at YES!Delft incubator, Rachelle brings invaluable insight to each session.

Lennart co-founded Travis in 2017, a globally recognized start-up that has distributed over 200,000 pocket translators worldwide.

Together, they leverage their combined expertise and over 8 years of experience in organizing impactful business events to ensure each session is both valuable and transformative.

A sneak peek of the inside

Vulnerable sharing of f*ck ups in business, laughing about a crazy story, crossing our fingers for someone’s negotiation today, sharing our Win of the Week on Fridays and having dinners together with our local chapters.

Get together. Thrive together.

TribeX Membership

New spots opening May 2024
200 Monthly
  • 1x monthly dedicated mastermind
  • 1x monthly all-members session
  • Community Platform & Group Chat
  • 1-1 Connection Calls with other Members
  • 2x per year access to the physical reunions
  • Local Chapter Dinners
  • BONUSES like Member Directory, Co-CEO For a Day, etc.

The 2 main pillars of your membership

Dedicated Mastermind at your business level

You will be matched to other entrepreneurs and form a 6-8 pp mastermind that meets monthly with a facilitator and uses tested formats. This group is your personal Board of Advisors and provides professional & emotional support.

Deep Dive session to grow personally & professionally

A monthly session with the whole TribeX community to work on topics like productivity, social impact, decision-making or marketing with AI. Always resulting in implementing next steps.

Become a member

What would your entrepreneurship look like if you were heard, seen & connected?

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